Complimentary Property Wealth Building Seminar

Escape the Bank: How One Property Can Provide You with £40,576 Yearly

Tuesday 12th September | 8:00PM - 9:30PM
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Where you'll discover:

  • ​The 3 simple steps to success with off plan investment strategy
  • ​How to leverage the right development without losing your deposit
  • How to make over £40,000 with one off plan property in one year
  • ​Why people with money are desperate to get it out of the bank and use it in UK property
  • ​Real life example and case studies of how normal people are making thousands from off plan investing
  • ​How the current economic climate is perfect for off plan investing

A Special Video Message From Gordie

Gordie Dutfield

CEO of Redmayne Smith

You can make a lot of money in property, but you can’t sit on the fence. The “normal” school curriculum didn’t work for Gordie and he left with pretty much nothing, but he found success in Sales.

By 21, he had a successful sales business with 60+ staff. He was great at making money, but was even better at spending it! He ended up with nothing… until he reached out to Paul. On his advice, he invested every penny that he had into assets. This decision led to capital growth and cashflow which was reinvested. Now he has a portfolio worth over £5,000,000 and never HAVE to work 9-5 again.

Paul Smith

Founder of Touchstone Education & Property Investor

Renowned for being a skilful and successful property investor, Paul has built a multi-million-pound property portfolio which has allowed him to move to Monaco.

But he hasn't just stopped there: Paul is also the founder of the UK's leading property education company, Touchstone Education. As well as property, Paul also has extensive investments in Cryptocurrency and gold- meaning that he is well placed to give authoritative advice on the profitable investments.